On the Road with the Princess and the Frog

Follow our full-time RV travels with the two of us and three dachshunds.

My name is Kermit (the Frog half) Burns. I am 67 years old, and I’ve been a Minister of Music for almost 50 years. On April 3, that career comes to an end as I join the ranks of the retired. My wife’s name is Connie (the Princess half). She is 66 years old and has taught Elementary School Music for 28 years. She will officially retire June 30, 2016, joining me in the ranks of the retired, and that takes care of the “ending” thing.

Now, about the Beginning and the reason for this Blog. We have placed our order for a 33′ Class C Motorhome and expect to take delivery sometime in May or June. We will be selling our home and all it’s contents over the next few months and will become full-time residents of said motorhome, along with 3 dachshunds and a 2012 Jeep Liberty in tow. Our goal is to visit all 48 contiguous states and Alaska before we have to unplug our GPS. We plan to share our preparations and journey on these pages and invite you to follow us as we visit our children and grandchildren, see all this beautiful country has to offer and perhaps minister to a few folks along the way.

Until our next post, Blessings.

6 thoughts on “The Ending Is Just the Beginning

  1. Jim Lynch says:

    Like Roy Rogers would say…..”Happy trails to you, until we meet again.”


  2. Debbie Barnette says:

    I can’t wait to read about your adventures. I’m envious that you and Connie will be able to share this adventure while you’re young and healthy. Love to you both.


    1. Mike Barnette says:

      I am jealous over the motor home. Have fun and God Bless you and Connie in your adventures. Love to the both of you.


  3. Connie Meiller says:

    You all will have so much fun!!!! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures!! You are doing something I would love to do!!!


  4. You and Connie have been so wonderful for our church for so long!!I will miss; but I am very happy for you both!!Would you consider adding a retired nurse and 2 Chihuahuas on your motor home trip?


  5. Angie Belk says:

    While I hate that you two will be leaving us, I am so happy for you to have this opportunity!!! I pray for safe travels with lots of wonderful adventures and so look forward to the updates. I dream of someday doing the same thing. Love to you, both!!!


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