On the Road with the Princess and the Frog

Follow our full-time RV travels with the two of us and three dachshunds.

Well, as I said before, these posts will probably be quite irregular in their occurrence for a while. So much to do in preparation for our “journey,” and not sure exactly what to do first. Here are a few random thoughts for today.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Chancel Choir of Berea Baptist Church for the wonderful retirement dinner at Jeffrey’s Restaurant on April 7. Almost every member of the choir was there (with their spouses), including two former members. The food and fellowship was great. Many thanks for the gifts and most generous love offering. You guys are the best, and we love you.

With two weeks under my retirement belt, things have been pretty uneventful. We are trying to make things ready for a visit next Tuesday with the lady who will be handling our “estate sale” cleanout. She is booking up pretty quickly, so it looks like our sale will occur in late June or even early July. Hard to believe how much “stuff” two people can accumulate in almost 30 years (just in this house).

My online research has shown that May is the best month to put your house up for sale, so we’re planning to do just that the first of May. This will be an “as is” sale with all the warts, although we do have a new roof and garage door/opener. We may do a couple of improvements, but we don’t have a bunch of money to paint, replace carpet, etc. when someone would probably come in and change it anyway. We’d rather cut the price up front and let them do whatever they want. Does that make sense?

Connie has officially announced her retirement from the school system. She told her principal and signed the necessary paperwork with Human Resources. Her official last day is June 30, and she will receive her first retirement benefit July 25. Hooray!

Speaking of retirement benefits, we have both begun receiving our Social Security benefits and are now enrolled in Medicare. One of Connie’s great benefits as a retired NC teacher is continuing health coverage which will serve as a Medicare supplement wherever we go.

One of my biggest chores right now is to work out all the details involved with the permanent domain and mail forwarding issues. It’s much more than choosing a mail address. There’s also domain declaration forms, vehicle/RV insurance, vehicle/RV registration, driver’s licenses, etc. It’s a complicated process, but I’ve found several websites with great advice (always open to more, though).

I supposed things are still on track with our RV. We’ve paid them a hefty down payment, about 25%, to get started and hope to have the RV by late May or early June. We have discovered that financing for a full-time RVer can be a bit difficult to secure, even when you’re planning to pay it off, or at least down, as soon as you sell your house. Please pray that things will work out in a timely manner.

Connie has had the opportunity to ride her horse, Midnight Lady, more often these past few days. Leaving Lady is going to be the most difficult thing for her (Connie), but there has been a recent development that may mean that Lady can remain in Mooresville, and Connie will have access to her whenever we are back in the area. The other scenario is that Connie may donate Lady to a therapeutic riding center in North Carolina, Georgia or Florida so she can be ridden by disabled children or veterans.

Working out a timeline for everything is mind-boggling, to say the least. We’re just trusting God to help us sort everything out and help us take care of all the details. We know that He has a plan for us that He will reveal as He sees fit.

So, that’s it for right now. More to come soon. Please forgive all the random thoughts.

Blessings, The Princess and the Frog

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Diane Billerman says:

    Thinking of you two and praying things will work out the way they should. I don’t like goodbyes so I’ll be seeing you. Enjoy the blog and look forward to reading about the princess and the frog adventures.


    1. kfrog says:

      Thanks, Diane.


  2. Angie Belk says:

    I have no doubt that God has plans for you two, and all will work out. Praying for you, and don’t apologize for your thoughts. Look forward to the updates. Love ya’ll.


  3. Barbara Rachels says:

    Good to hear from you. I am praying for you all. Please remember our church. I love you.


  4. Nell says:

    Love and miss you already, but I,m sure God will be your guide and you will also have my prayers. Love you both, Nell


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