On the Road with the Princess and the Frog

Follow our full-time RV travels with the two of us and three dachshunds.

Well, it’s been about a month since our last post, but it has been an eventful one, even though we have not yet moved from Painted Sky Ranch. I am still waiting to schedule hip replacement surgery, which, I hope, will take place within a month or so. In fact, my weight is less than 8 pounds away from the desired weight for the surgery. After the surgery, there will be a recovery time of 6 to 12 weeks, and then it’s on the road, finally.

I said it has been an eventful month. June 3rd marked the 45th wedding anniversary for the Princess and the Frog. The Lord has truly blessed us during those 45 years. He has given us four wonderful children and provided all our needs. Things have not always been easy, especially when we lost our youngest son, Marshal, but God has always been there with us. Our prayer is that He will give us more years together so we can enjoy our children and grandchildren and explore this beautiful country.

About three weeks ago, Connie was taking a horse out to pasture when  he knocked her down and stepped on her back with a rear hoof. As it turned out, she suffered at least two broken ribs, and had a bruise in the shape of a horseshoe on her back! Fortunately the hoof missed her spine. She was in quite a bit of pain and had to take a break from her stable chores for about a week, but she seems to have fully recovered now. She’s even been able to ride her horse again (not the one that stepped on her).

A couple of weeks ago, two of our three dachshunds, Dash and Tramp became critically ill (Dash a couple of days before Tramp). Dash had to spend the night at an emergency veterinary hospital, and Tramp spent the day twice at our local vet. Both were dehydrated from diarrhea and required IV fluids and electrolytes. At first, we suspected a virus or the flu, but it was finally determined that they had a reaction to their flea and tick treatment, Trifexis. Upon the recommendation of the vet, their diets have been changed to primarily chicken and rice (home cooked).

So, things have returned pretty much to normal “here on the ranch.” Just passing the time until we can get the hip replaced and move on. I did cancel my NutriSystem program because I wasn’t losing any weight. Started the “new” Atkins program. Lost 3 pounds the first week. I’m going to stick with that until I reach my goal.

Until next time . . .

. . .blessings,

The Princess and the Frog

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