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Follow our full-time RV travels with the two of us and three dachshunds.

Wow, I hardly know where to begin it’s been so long since we posted anything. In my last post, I had said that we hoped to be in Webster, Florida by January 1st. Well, that didn’t quite happen. Connie agreed to help at the barn through January 12th while the young lady who was taking her place had her wisdom teeth removed (ouch!). Little did we know that the temperature would take a severe nosedive into the single digits at night! We managed okay, even though we almost ran out of propane. We were finally able to pull out Monday afternoon, January 15th, headed for M&R RV Repair in Hickory, North Carolina for a few service items and fixes.

After spending that Monday night at a Walmart in Hickory, we pulled in to M&R Tuesday morning. This was an interesting place, encompassing the entire bottom floor of three of what used to be some sort of manufacturing plant, perhaps textiles or furniture. We left our motorhome and took the Jeep Liberty (3 dachshunds included) to run some errands and such while they worked on the RV. Then we received a phone call from Michael Lail (the “M” of M&R, not sure who the “R” is) telling us that our inverter was shorted out, and the only warranty service center was in Burlington, NC, some 115 miles away. My wife and I hurried back to the shop, picked up the inverter and headed to Burlington with the hope that it could be repaired, and we could bring it back with us. Should have known better.

When we arrived at the service center, the owner told that the lady who works on inverters was sick and would not be in until Wednesday, at the earliest. We opted to leave the inverter and drove back to Hickory empty-handed. Meanwhile, it had started to snow. Arriving back at M&R, we were told that we were welcome to stay in our RV inside the shop with hookup to electric and water, if we needed it. Never “camped” inside before, but we took him up on it. Stayed nice and warm with our heat pump.

We woke up Tuesday morning to about 5 inches of snow and brutal cold outside. Michael Lail came in to tell us that his shop would be closed that day due to the weather, but we were welcome to stay inside with the ability to come and go as we wished (Jeep was outside.). We also received a call from Vance Electronics (the inverter service center) to let us know that they were also closed due to the weather, so we just “hunkered down” for a second night.

Thursday morning dawned, bitterly cold as well. What little melting that might have occurred Wednesday afternoon refroze Wednesday night. A call from Vance Electronics let us know that no short could be found in our inverter, so I decided to go pick it up the next morning. Another night in the indoor campground. I should mention that upstairs was a furniture reconditioning shop run by a couple of guys who worked odd hours, well into the night. They listened to a playlist of Hispanic music all night at a very loud level! By the time we left, we almost knew their playlist by heart!

Friday morning dawned bright and clear, so I headed off to Burlington to pick up our inverter, leaving Connie to tend to the doggies and chill in the RV. I had told Michael that there was not a problem with the inverter, so he had begun a mission to find out why no 12-volt current was reaching it. When I returned a few hours later with the inverter, he had found the problem, a blown 200-amp blade fuse in an almost inaccessible location requiring the removal of the RV batteries and tray to access. He elected to relocate the fuse block to the same compartment as the inverter making for easier access in the future. Meanwhile, we had misplaced the rabies tags and immunization records for our three dachshunds, so late Friday afternoon I had to make a 100-mile round trip back to our vet in Mooresville to get duplicates. Can’t be on the road with dogs with no rabies tags! By the time I got back, everything was A-OK with the inverter and motorhome! But it was too late to hit the road, so it was night four in the indoor campground (the only disadvantage to this was that there were no windows and only a couple of lights on, so you couldn’t tell when the sun was up.).

Saturday morning dawned and we got ready to go. Michael and his wife, who also worked at the shop in the office, came by on their day off to let us out and help us get on the road. We paid our bill, very reasonable, by the way, hooked up the Jeep Liberty and headed South. Next stop, Georgia.

Saturday afternoon we pulled into Twin Lakes RV Park in Cumming, Georgia for a two-night stay. We had planned this so we could visit with our oldest son, Michael (AKA Mike), his wife, Allison, and our granddaughter, Nora. As I was unhooking the Jeep, I noticed a wire hanging down behind the RV. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be our power cable that had somehow fallen out the access opening beneath the RV. After who knows how many miles of dragging on the pavement all the plug blades had been completely worn away! After some delicious BBQ at Cue BBQ with Mike, Allison and Nora, we stopped by Home Depot to pick up a replacement 30-amp plug and headed back to Twin Lakes. It was foo late to replace the plug, so we spent the night on battery power, no problems.

A beautiful day dawned on Sunday morning, and we were in no hurry to get up. Later I got the necessary tools, sat down at the picnic table and replaced the plug on our power cable. Guess what? It worked! That evening we went to Mike’s house for Cuban take-out and to visit with Mike, Allison, Nora, Winston, Salem and Raleigh (the latter three are greyhounds.). Then we headed back home for a night with power.

It was almost noon on Monday, January 22 before we pulled out of Twin Lakes RV Park. We stopped at a Cook-Out for lunch, and we were met by Mike and Allison who were able to take a few minutes away from their jobs to visit. Then we hit I-75 South, stopping for the night at a Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, Georgia before heading on to Sunshine Village RV Park in Webster, Florida the next morning. We arrived here about 3:00pm. Very nice place.

Didn’t take us long to get into the swing of things here at Sunshine Village. Monday night we enjoyed Souper Sandwich Night with a choice of Ham and Bean or Turkey Vegetable Noodle Soup and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Thursday night we went to Bingo Night. We didn’t win anything, but it was a lot of fun. Even bought our very own Bingo Ink Blotters! Never played Bingo quite like that before. And Friday morning, Connie went to a Beading Class. The instructor designed her own patterns, very pretty. When the ladies found out Connie was a pianist, they asked if she could play for some function in February. Yep, I think we’re fitting right in. We will probably be here through March.

Until next time.

The Princess and the Frog

5 thoughts on “On the Road Again . . . Finally

  1. Jim Stone says:

    Rusty, I really enjoyed reading your post. I wish I had known you were in the area. Could have met you at Cue. We live about 15 min. from there and go there about once a month. Best barbecue around. Let me know when you are back in the area.


    1. kfrog49 says:


      Thanks for reading our blog. I will definitely let you know the next time we are in the area. Our oldest son and his family live in Alpharetta, actually the John’s Creek area. We should be back in the area in several months. Take care.


      ~Kermit 🐸

      On Jan 29, 2018 1:40 AM, “On the Road with the Princess and the Frog” wrote:



  2. Jeff Shook says:

    Glad ya’ll got to Fla, sounds like you got a few kinks ironed out that can be part of traveling. Barn babies are good. Warmer week was a nice treat here too. Have fun and relax, you guys earned it!


    1. kfrog49 says:

      Thanks, Jeff. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. We’ll keep in touch.

      ~Kermit 🐸

      On Jan 29, 2018 1:21 PM, “On the Road with the Princess and the Frog” wrote:



  3. Richard E Smith says:

    Great update Rusty. I am changing you name to “Tenacious with Black Cloud Overhead”. You guys have a wonderful time relaxing and traveling. You deserve it.


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