On the Road with the Princess and the Frog

Follow our full-time RV travels with the two of us and three dachshunds.

Since getting settled in at Sunshine Village, we’ve been taking it pretty easy, making a few runs to the Winn-Dixie and Walmart in Bushnell about 15 minutes away. Or hunting down a PetSmart and Great Clips around Clermont, about 45 minutes away. Don’t get me wrong, Webster does have its own shopping spots, a Family Dollar, a Dollar General and Jackie’s Market, a neighborhood market with gas and an in-house meat market. A bit expensive, but convenient in a pinch.

We’ve also done a little exploring and sightseeing. One the way back home from Walmart last week, we took a detour through the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, Imagine our surprise when we came upon the Richloam General Store in the middle of nowhere! Seems the store was originally built in the 1920’s and served as a general store, post office and train station. The building has been restored to its 1928 glory and is stocked with penny candies and other time-period items, some for sale but others just on exhibit.

Last Friday, we met our daughter, Melinda, and her two boys, Haden and Landon, at Blue Springs State Park near Orange City to see the manatees. Blue Springs is a favorite hangout for these gentle aquatic mammals during the colder winter months because the water is a constant 72 degrees. The park has a one-third mile boardwalk that follows the flowing Blue Spring run from the spring to the St. John’s River. Several overlooks along the way provide great viewing spots to see the manatees. The number of manatees in the run is counted every day by the park rangers. The day we visited, there were 115 manatees, but just 2 weeks earlier, when the weather was very cold, 455 manatees were counted! Manatees were not the only wildlife we saw. There were kingfishers, cormorants, Florida garfish, tilapia, snook and more. Quite a beautiful place, as you can see from the photos (Click on image to see larger).

Also found a great restaurant on the way home in Orange City. Well, actually the restaurant in is DeBary. It’s the Swamp House Riverfront Grill and Tiki Bar. Had the best Cuban sandwich ever.

Well, it’s pouring rain here at Sunshine Village! Guess we’ll just hunker down in our RV and wait for the Super Bowl to start in a while.

Until next time. . .

. . . blessings

The Princess and the Frog (Connie and Kermit)

3 thoughts on “Doing a Little Exploring

  1. Michael says:

    Awesome pics, Mom and Dad!


  2. Christina says:

    Happy birthday dear Ms. Connie. We miss you. Chelsea and Emily


  3. kfrog49 says:

    Thank you so much! Loving retirement but miss you guys too.


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